General information about our music school

500 international students are enrolled at our school, 100 academics are internationally recognized as doctors of science and arts. University graduates perform in famous concert halls, conduct renowned orchestras, demonstrate their acting skills in the German-speaking theater sector or work as Lecturers at music schools, conservatories and colleges. Musical production skills include sound synthesis, sound recording, sound processing, harmonization, arrangement, mixing and mastering skills.

Dance institute

Professional lecturers teach students an appropriate dance technique as well as creative and aesthetic flexibility on an individual basis. There are currently 100 students studying from different countries, including Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, France and China. The Institute for Jazz and Improvised Music is known for teaching improvisation, global rhythm languages ​​and acoustics. Many world-famous dancers have graduated from this institute. It provides an opportunity to acquire practical skills in writing reviews, critical and analytical articles about music and musicians, and to gain experience developing your own curatorial project.

The Institute for Theory and History of Music

Theater and Dance serves as the cornerstone of research training in the fields of music, drama and dance.

Music education goes in line with education of culture

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