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Numerous musical currents and creative styles have evolved over time through historical processes.

Directions in music: The first decade of the twentieth century marked the beginning of the development of this direction. The indeterminacy of the imagery and the imprecision of the forms characterize the music of this direction.

It lacks any recognizable tonal schemes. This song conveys discomfort, an unstable state of mind, sadness, and emotions. It is atonal music that is difficult to hear due to the lack of harmonic markings.

It has been around since the 17th century. France is considered the birthplace of this creative movement. Classical art is based on ancient images, which serve as the unsurpassed aesthetic embodiment of the world. Harmony, high morals and the logic of the world system serve as points of reference here. Classical music compositions are structured according to a clearly defined system, the harmonic rules.

Directions in music: The first decade of the twentieth century marked the beginning of the development of this direction. The indeterminacy of the imagery and the imprecision of the forms characterize the music of this direction.

Opera is an art form of the late 16th century

Musical genres:The origins of the opera can be traced back to folk festivals: the opera is a theatrical form of performance that contains elements from drama, music, song and dance. This art form encompasses a wide range of possibilities.

Opera comes in different forms and schools.Given the importance of music in our environment, which not only influences individuals and society, but also shapes them, the extent of the loss caused by one's own willful ignorance in this area is obvious: it is nevertheless fundamental. Find out more about music on our website.

A variety of vocal styles are used in opera, ranging from recitative to ballad. The history of music is inextricably linked with historical processes that are ideologically motivated and reflect social issues and conditions.

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How important is music to many aspects of our life?

Music is an integral part of the culture of many nations and peoples. The importance of musical culture is obvious. Without thinking about the extent to which its meaning and status exist, we experience its powerful effect on an unconscious level. We listen to music anytime and anywhere: at concerts and performances, at home, on the street, at work, in public spaces and even on excursions into nature. Music plays an important role in our life.